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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,

the second best time is now.”






Chinese proverb, applicable to wealth creation and property investment.

Save Tax, Pay off your Home Loan sooner & Retire comfortably with help from our team of Financial Experts


We are unique in the Financial Industry
(Saving Tax, Reducing Debt, & Creating Wealth)

We do not just give advice; we give you enough information so you can determine what is the best Strategy for you, then, on your instruction, we Project Manage the implementation of that Strategy:  A strategy designed with our expertise to save tax, pay your home loan of sooner, and create additional wealth for retirement.

  • We have over 35 years’ experience providing, investment, tax, finance, and retirement advice
  • Each Strategy we produce is individually designed to suit your personal financial circumstances

We will meet with you by Zoom (no cost or obligation to you) to discuss your dreams, goals, & concerns:

  • We assess your unique financial position to  determine what is best for you
  • We work for you to get you the best outcome possible
  • We will show you how to get it right and avoid the costly pitfalls
  • We will save you time and money and tax
  • We will explain how it works
  • We will structure your home loan to give you a better outcome

We are experienced and qualified Financial Project Managers  – our job is to design the best wealth creation and tax minimisation Strategy for you and, if you like it, have you instruct us to project manage the implementation of that Strategy on your behalf.

We will Design the best financial Strategy for you. By best we mean

  • The lowest cost (most cash flow) per week 
  • For the lowest risk
  • With the most tax savings, and
  • With the most profit (capital growth)

We also do finance - better than any bank.



We make two important promises

  • There is no cost or obligation to you to get all the answers you need to be sure that the Strategy we are recommending is in your best interests.                        
  • It will cost no more to have our team of financial experts Project Manage the implementation of your Strategy than if you were to do it yourself.

Save Tax, pay your home off sooner, & create wealth with help from our team of financial experts

Our goal is to prevent you becoming one of the millions who retire poor
We do not sell anything, we are Financial Experts & Project Managers working for you to achieve your financial goals
Reduce the tax you pay, create wealth & pay your home loan off sooner
Use your Tax dollars to fund your retirement
Reach your goals in creating the financial freedom that you deserve
Overcome your fears by safely creating wealth without the stress, without the worry, without the risk

We Can Help You Reduce the Tax You Pay


We utilise three strategies

  • Refinance & restructure your loans to get the best & safest outcome

  • Using your Tax Dollars and the Rent to pay for an investment property in your own names

  • Using your Super & Rent to pay for an investment property within a SMSF to get a significantly better outcome at retirement

Save tax

  • We can show you how to use your tax dollars to to pay off your home loan
  • We can show how to use your tax dollars to create wealth
  • We can show how to avoid or reduce the contribution tax your super fund pays
  • We can show you how to use a SMSF to avoid capital gains tax 

We can show you how to

  • Build wealth, save tax, and pay off your home sooner
  • Overcome your fears and start growing your wealth today
  • Reduce the amount of tax you pay 
  • Set up Self-Managed Super Funds for the lowest possible cost
  • Structure your home loan and investments to protect your assets
  • To use ‘good debt’ to create wealth
  • Pay off your home loan (bad debt) sooner
  • Safely invest in property without worry, without hassle, & without risk
  • Create wealth for retirement
  • Ensure your loans are structure to minimise the risk to you
  • Improve your financial position and have more money in the future
  • Help-out your children financially
  • Have more fun in the future
  • Achieve financial independence
  • Create a nest egg
  • Choose the best investment property to suit your personal financial circumstances
  • Claim the most tax back from everything related to creating wealth with property
  • Refinance & restructure your home loan to safely purchase investment property



Did you know ..

  • The tax advantages of purchasing a properly structured brand new investment property can give you up to $100,000 greater benefits over 10 years compared to buying an established
  • A recent study by The Australian Tax Office shows that the average property investors are aged between 40-59
  • The ATO statistics also show that around 72% of people who invest in property earn LESS than $80,000 per year
  • The data from the ATO is saying that most residential property investors in Australia are middle aged average wage earners
  • They usually own one investment property and may be looking to purchase another to create a better future in retirement and see the safety in investing in residential property
  • You can utilise the money in your super & rental income to purchase & pay off an investment property by the time you retire
  • A properly structured investment property will put $5,000 to $10,000 more in your pocket each year than an incorrectly structure investment property
  • That negative outside influences and dream killers impact our mindset and diminish the financial results

Our Promises To You

  • It will cost no more to have our team of financial experts to assist you to get the best financial outcome to meet your specific financial circumstances than if you were to do the same thing yourself
  • There is no cost or obligation to you to get all the answers you need to be sure that what we are recommending is the best possible outcome for your personal financial situation
  • We will show you how to get it right and avoid the costly pitfalls.
  • We will save you time and money
  • Our service is totally transparent, and you always remain in total control
  • We always have your best interests at heart
  • We assure you that you will be in one of the safest sets of hands in the industry


What Our Clients Say about Us

The entire team at Phoenix were friendly, helpful, and explained the entire process to us before we started. They were there to help us at each stage of the process from selecting a property, choosing the correct loan, getting all the paperwork together, finding a tenant, and settling on the property.
Sunshine Coast QLD
Harold Upton and the team at Phoenix Property consultants are extremely professional. They will guide you throughout the process and explain all the options available to you. All of our interactions with them have always been satisfactory and we know they got our back. I highly recommend Phoenix property consultants; you will not be disappointed.
Viviana & Luis
They made it hassle free, and that's why we are now looking forward to our next purchase with Phoenix Property Consultants and continuing to build our property portfolio.
Valdora QLD
Excellent! Thanks for the settlement update, Wayne. Finally, we are here for the first one and many more :-). Thank you very much Harold and all the team members for all the help throughout the process.
Madan & Spandana
Murrumbeena VIC
Bec and I would just like to extend our gratitude to all of you guys, at the beginning we were a bit sceptical mostly because it seemed too good to be true but y’all have proved to us just how easy it is to become investment property owners with your help. We have just got a tenant ready to move in on Friday into the 1-bedroom house and a lot of interest in the 4-bedroom house that we should have occupied in the near future. Our SMSF property is all but underway and hopefully it will be built in a short time like our DI Ripley property was. We really appreciate everything you guys have done and continue to do for us in the future.
Josh & Bec
Spring Hill NSW
We are so appreciative of all of your teams help.

Thank you so much.
Ryan & Alinta
Margaret River WA
Harold from Phoenix property consultants was amazing at helping us find our first investment property. Harold made it an easy process from buying land and the build. In a year our investment property has been valued nearly $200k more than purchasing price.
Tony and Kirsty Miller
Tewantin QLD

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